Monument to the Expeditionary

Here one of the first works on the 55 Cultural Assets of Porto Alegre, the Monument to the Expeditionary, which is a historic monument of the city of Porto Alegre, and was inaugurated in 1957. The idea for the monument was launched by the newspaper O Correio do Povo in 1946, which generated a public contest for the elaboration of a triumphal arch, where the winner was the Project by Antônio Caringi, also author of the Laçador statue, which we will also see illuminated here on our website and obviously in the city of Porto Alegre.

An honor for our team, probably the largest multidisciplinary team ever assembled specifically for Lighting Projects in Brazil: Arq. LD Carina Tomazzoni, Arch. LD PhD Diana Del Negro, Arch. LD Nicolly Dalenogare, Arch. LD Larissa Portela, Curator in Architecture Gabriela Ordahy, Arq. Lucas Volpato, Arch. Historian Nestor Torelly, photographers Sergio Ordobas and Rafael Lisboa and me.