And an unexpected complement from CASACORBA…

Who hasn’t heard of the iron bridge that fell in the southern flood?

I remember it as if it were yesterday, I saw the news about the iron bridge that I passed by whenever I went to work every fortnight. The terrifying images of the water over the bridge and then the bridge being washed away.

Then the issue of the difference in the value of the reconstruction being carried out by the Government, which exceeded the value that was executed by four times. Not to mention the issue of execution time!

When I saw the accident, I immediately called my friends at CASACORBA offering to help and find out what they were going to do? They soon told me let’s see and we’ll find a way! They then began to assemble a team to help with the reconstruction. At the time I said that I would provide a Lighting Project for the bridge and that I would help with the acquisition of lamps.

The result was something incredible! for 4 months the bridge was standing! It became a national example of citizenship, I had the pleasure of attending the inauguration. Everything we experienced was exciting, and you can see the result below.