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We are the Lighting Atelier, a company specialized in Lighting Projects, with over 15 years of experience, awarded nationally and internationally, several covers of journals, we arbitrate international lighting contests and we have projects in all states of Brazil.

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Recent Projects

RGE Caxias City

This is an innovative project for Brazil in terms of facade design, although the entire lighting of the building was designed by us. In
01_RGE Caxias
03_Conte Freire

Conte Freire Project

The project was made with a technique extremely focused on the key-points, getting to a very beautiful result. Working along GAD design. The client


What a project! Many years of hard work finally came to a successful end! It was a project led by the Architect Livia Bortoncello’s

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125 years of cinema

This year we celebrate 125 years of cinema, since the Lumiere brothers accomplished that gigantic feat of inventing cinema. So, we decided to talk a

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Acqua – Canela/RS

Serra Gaucha is at the top of travel desires in Brazil, for everything that involves the romanticism of Serra Gaucha, the Film, Christmas and Easter

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Garage lighting

Building garage lighting is changing!!! Garages are increasingly sophisticated and technological, following the development of cars! Cars have always been treated like jewels, this hasn’t

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