The biggest differential offered by the office is the attendance. We understand that each client has its unique necessities. We work in many different ways and together with the client, helping them during the whole project execution.

The quality of the Atelier office lighting projects are in each magazine cover and published at each one of them ( LUME, Casa & Cia, Casa e Jardim, CARAS, Visual & Desing, Casa Cor, etc) and it reflects in the medium annual projects executed.

The suppliers and partnerships that we established all these years helped us to always keep a good level of quality, besides the client’s expectation. Today, the office is proud of having fewer proposals than closed deals. 30% of the office lighting projects weren’t and aren’t closed by a formal proposal.

This result shows a trustful relation between the office and the client, who knows he can count on a high service quality, ethnic and good conduct.

Besides the differential service from the Eduardo Becker Atelier of lighting office you will find special projects dedicated to sustainable, practicality and aesthetics.

In these photos we approach the Sustainable Mosque project (318-11) with Sheik Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al-Nuaimi, known as the “Green Sheik”.