The formatting of the office is very simple and serves a single objective, meeting the needs of customers.

Within this basic premise, we work with Natural and Artificial Lighting Projects, within several segments: residential, commercial, corporate, shopping malls, hotels, factories, landscaping and hospitals. Sustainability is always present and the projects are delivered with various graphics that support our choices, always together with the client.

Today we have our internal team that works with projects, specifications and budgets. We are assisted by several factories in the world for special projects and we carry out some works in partnership with WOLTEGE Serviços de Instalação Eletrica. We also incorporate and assist our clients with all matters that are connected in some way with lighting: automation, light sensors, scene creation and natural lighting control are some examples.


We are a multidisciplinary and variable team.
Teams are assembled according to the needs of each project.
We have collaborators in the areas of architecture, curatorship, photography, 3D modeling, calculators specialized in calculation software, technical design, national and international industrial support.