Anyone who enjoys cars, engine preparation and motorsport will have already heard of FuelTech. Founded in 2003, the Brazilian company develops diverse technology and solutions for the automotive performance market, with emphasis on engine management modules that innovated the global market by being pioneers in fully integrating the touch-sensitive liquid crystal screen. in a single product.


In November 2023, FuelTech opened its new headquarters in the city of Porto Alegre (RS), with 7,500 square meters, which accommodates all production, storage and operation of more than 250 employees at the company’s headquarters, in addition to a special space that brings the timeline with the entire history of the company, and the FT Store, its official store, with clothing, electronic products and cars on display.


The lighting project for the new FuelTech headquarters, with the exception of the production area, was carried out by our office, Eduardo Becker Atelier de Iluminação e Light Designers Associados, whose main concept was to value spaces with an appeal to technology. “When I started negotiating this project, I had just returned from Italy, where I visited the Ferrari Museum, so I wanted to bring a little of what I saw there in relation to the lighting and the perception of the environments due to the fact that FuelTech is a company of technology aimed at motorsport”.