Melissa Dance Hits

Especial project made with That Design Company. Nowadays the That Design Company maybe is one of the companies that most requires us, working as designers of materials of marking beyond archictecture. Their silver line starts from the differential logical thinking above the normal archictecture, working with the objects design that at the same time makes the team go further and cheer itself in a way that they create and find solutions that have never been done before and things they have never dreamt they could suggest to a client! Here there is a lot of freedom to create, almost as an expressionist paitings!

This specific project was set out a primier of the Melissa Dance Hits in Pink Elephant- Porto Algre. This action was focused in the experiment and selling of this product especially developed to parties. To this action was created by That a “vending machine movable” where the Melissas would be exposed and available to buy. The part of creating the illumination of the vending machine fell to me, whereas the same would be staying in a feature area in the party which would be changing colors in the rhythm of the party, having the possibility of lighting the products only with the white color if it was necessary. Well planned!