Gravatai’s Shopping

Complex project with large areas and many needs.
The project started in 2012 and it was ended in december 2013.
Indeed, the Mall is a big part of the complex which we projected the entire ilumination.
The complex is made by the mall, two comercial buildings, three residences , a hotel and all the landscape gardening.
This mall in special was build in Gravataí city, around of the capital Porto Alegre, to serve the need of a population that everytime had to go to the capital simply to watch a movie in the cinema.
Because of that we decided to colored the mall with LEDs in RGB,so the people would have the most fun possible in their lives.
This was another project in partnership with the EXECUTE engeneering, partership from many years. Also we have much to thank the M. Group in their guiding which supported our job and goals.