Expo Magliani

On March 27 of this year I had the honor of illuminating an incredible exhibition of the Magliani, with the starting point fragments of wood found in its surroundings that serve to support the piece built, serving as the base or integral part of the figure. They have a rough brutality and, as in the pictures in their painting, the drama of tragic existence.

In this exhibition we unite intimate lighting and gave an incredible atmosphere, and now the result through the lens of the no less talented Sérgio Ordobas. I’m sure she would have been flattered by Sergio’s photos.

There was also an exquisite work of his friend and curator of his exhibition Mr. Júlio Castro.

Adding to all this, it was the re-inauguration of MULTIPALCO, now under the name of the fantastic Eva Sopher, probably the main name of the culture in the city of Porto Alegre, which has just left us.