It is likely that, due to its regional character, the project by Mayor Loureiro da Silva (1902-1964) to inaugurate, in 1940, a statue of the artist Marcos Bastos was made impossible. Awarded in the Centenário Farroupilha (1935), there is currently no news of this artist, and his plaster model, “O Bombeador”, which depicted a Gaucho on horseback, is missing. Eighteen years had passed when, at the hands of the Pelotas artist Antônio Caringi (1905-1981), the ideal of erecting a monument to the figure of the gaucho finally materialized.

Inaugurated on September 20, 1958, “O Laçador” marked the celebrations of the 123rd anniversary of the Farroupilha Revolution (1835-1845). According to the late researcher Rodrigues Till, measuring four meters and 40 centimeters in height and weighing 3,800 kilos in bronze, the monument had several names: Bombeador, Boleador and, finally, Laçador.

Created in Rio de Janeiro, in the atelier in Caringi, O Laçador was exhibited at Ibirapuera Park, in the Pavilion of Rio Grande do Sul, in 1954, during the festivities of the IV Centenary of São Paulo. After being acquired by the city of Porto Alegre, the monument was installed and inaugurated at the entrance to Avenida Farrapos. Its creator, Antônio Caringi, was inspired by the rural man, and his model was the traditionalist João Carlos D’Ávila Paixão Côrtes, born in Livramento on July 12, 1927.

During the inauguration ceremony of O Laçador, on September 20, 1958, Mayor Leonel de Moura Brizola (1922-2004) spoke at Praça do Bombeador, highlighting the greatness of Rio Grande, its people and its tradition. His words thrilled the crowd present. There is a consensus that his inaugural speech was essential to leverage his campaign for governor of the state by the Brazilian Labor Party (PTB). The martial band from Colégio Gonzaga, invited by the city hall of the Capital, came from Pelotas to brighten the celebrations of the farroupilha date.

And now, after such a long time, the Laçador is being removed to be restored, and the new lighting will be the responsibility of our team assembled to light this and 54 more Cultural Goods in Porto Alegre.

We believe that during the summer of 2022 we will have the Looper fully lit, a great honor that reaches us!



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