Retrospective 2021

2021 was an excellent year from the point of view of our growth and the point of view of various events.

We ended 2021 with 117 Contracted Lighting Projects and revenue growth, we invested in improvements in the office, we sought 7% of our gross revenue, thinking of structured growth for 2022 and 23.

We are focusing heavily on expansion in two points, greater operations abroad from the second half of the year and expansion in other markets in Brazil in the first half. Today we are very strong in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul, and we will focus on two other southern states, Paraná and Santa Catarina mainly.

Some steps will be taken, let’s reduce the number of Projects per Year, to a maximum of 80, in order to have structured growth in our focuses, expansion and a lot of strategy.

The structure of the Atelier was modernized, now below me, we have a Project Management, a project team, a marketing team and a photographer specializing in lighting.
The Atelier has also made great partnerships with other offices and LD professionals, because together we are more efficient, being collaborative is something we value a lot.


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