Porto Alegre Public Market

The public market in Porto Alegre, as well as other Public Markets, are sacred places for the coexistence of their cities, and Porto Alegre is no different!

Imagine that boy who grew up in this city and today has the privilege of working on the lighting of this 173-year-old market completed a few days ago.

Well, that’s how I feel, how many stories come to my mind, how many moments with family and friends there!

A few years ago, before the 2014 World Cup, the Market suffered a fire and only a few weeks ago it was fully delivered to the city, as the upper floor had been closed for years.
I believe that my teammates working for the 55 Cultural Assets of Porto Alegre share the same emotion, at least those from Porto Alegre like me.

It is important to show that in these images we already have the Mercado with Luz Rosa, due to the social action of November Rosa, in the name of Breast Cancer. In a few weeks all 4 facades will be delivered to the city and its citizens.


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