Today I would like to comment on the EMMY-nominated NET FLIX series, the TV Oscar, nominated in 24 categories, the one that we always comment on the PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTOR, and I am delighted to say that it was the winner in this category and having a BRAZILIAN as Director, Mr. Adriano Goldman!!! A 55-year-old from São Paulo, it's indescribable how happy I feel for this achievement! But come on, I'd like to comment on how I perceive the Direction of Photography in the series itself, and how I noticed the lighting in the Season 4 episode FAIRY TALE, which they consider the episode responsible for the Emmy nomination.

I consider the lighting in this series to be based on a tripod: classic journalistic photography lighting, not least because the series is historicist, the strong white and abundant lighting that comes in through the windows, and a low, yellowish lighting, even obscure in my interpretation.

The formal composition of the lighting montage with the lighting of your characters is absurdly fabulous!

It’s been a few years since I’ve been commenting here that NETFLIX in general presents us with what’s best at the moment in photography direction, with innovations and excellent interaction with classic lighting.

Specifically in the series THE CROWN, the clear and abundant lighting that enters through the window and contrasts with the warm yellow lighting, but in low quantity, seems to me or reminds me to think about the clash between two worlds, the abundant light of life in fact that it happens out there, in the even dim light of what goes on inside the royal family’s life and its secrets and personal problems.


Moving on to Season 4’s FAIRY TALE episode, there’s a transition from that doomed wedding drama to its ending, accompanied by the same lighting, when suddenly the white light is replaced by festive and colorful lights by the wedding party.

The final scene of this episode impresses for the perfection of framing and glow over a scene shot, seen from behind Diana, seeing her leave for the wedding with her long dress, and all the glow that surrounds this moment.

@thecrownnetflix is ​​a huge Enlightenment class, and how proud it is to know it belongs to a Brazilian!


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