At the beginning of this year, we started the installation of the Lighting Projects for 55 Cultural Assets in Porto Alegre.

We have assembled a world-class team to overcome this task. I had the honor of being called by my colleague Architect Light Designer Carina Tomazzoni, then we also called the Portuguese Architect Diana Del Negro, the Brazilian Light Designer Osvaldo Perrenauld, who teaches Light and Color at the Polytechnic of Milan, already based in Italy, we joined to the group the architects Light Designers of Atelier Nicolly Dalenogare and the current manager of the Atelier to Larissa Portela. But the Project is more complex than just dealing with lighting, we add to the group the award-winning Architect with great experience in curatorship Gabriela Ordahy, a great historian the Architect Nestor Torelly, an architect with great experience in works involving historical heritage, the architect Lucas Volpato, a great lighting architecture photographer, Sergio Ordobas.

Considered today the largest set of Cultural Assets to be illuminated in the world, we started by illuminating 6 of them: Monument to the Expeditionary, Rose Garden, Recanto Europe, Recanto Alpino, Fountain Imperial and Recanto Oriental.

It is a great honor in the career of any architect to be able to participate in this, I say that it is one of those moments in life that you never even dared to dream of!

We are preparing all the material to launch a book in 2023 about this whole process that should be completed in 2022, casually meeting the 250th anniversary of the city of Porto Alegre, which increases responsibility and honor.



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