Casa Cor 2011

Casa Cor projects have always demanded a lot of dedication and new ideas. Some of these ideas are soaked up by the market, some are not.
We started inspired by a beautiful architectonic project done by the architect Lívia Bortoncello. Everyone in the office has a big admiration for her work; each opportunity of partnership shows a predictable success – years of partnership and projects CAN proof that. This was the first project to have all the illumination made by LEDs and IT had all the foreign projectors which aren’t available in the stores yet. This is one of the Atelier’s particularities: many international items getting to exclusive endings.

We would like to thank especially to Lívia and to our partnerships for this amazing work which got us a big repercussion and two front pages: Caderno Casa & Cia and Voillà Magazine.
You can check it out the articles in the page Media.

Photography: Eduardo Becker