ARARUAMA HOUSE is a basically minimalist project, a school that has stood out a lot nowadays, I like it a lot, my own house, it is influenced by minimalism in its beginnings.
Mader and Atelier have been working on projects together for many years now, we have an excellent synergy, we are very proud of it, I even mention it in the video on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL, that I once played with Mader: Let me talk to you now, because after you get famous I don’t know if I can! (laughter)
The images by Architect Roberta Gewehr, show very well the relationship between lighting and architecture, facade lighting in a residence, how beautiful it looks when done in a structured way, contrary to what has been said for years that facade lighting is not used at home. It was not used because there were no products and studies suitable for this function, about 15 years ago, we had garden lighting material that did not last 6 months without maintenance. Nowadays our projects come with specified equipment that lasts at least 3 years, for some works we operate with 10 years warranty on specified equipment.