Apartment at Aterro do Flamengo

The Aterro do Flamengo apartment is one of our iconic projects!

It’s not every day that you work in an apartment that involves the history of the Guinle family and the history of Copacabana Palace, that’s right!

This building is considered the first skyscraper in Rio de Janeiro, built by the Guinle family with the project of the French Architect Joseph Gire, born in 1872.

Well, the Guinle family built this wonderful building and then when they built the Copacabana Palace, they moved there.

This demand for this fabulous apartment could only come from my friend and longtime architect colleague, Mário Englert, owner of Projetos e Projetos.

First I was shocked when I saw the apartment, I traveled to RJ for an initial meeting with him, with the client and with another key player in this work, the great restoring architect Eduardo Jaeger.

We worked a lot on the concept, where there was practically no plaster, but our focus was to have museology lighting adapted to contemporary residential lighting and that delimited what is new and clearly and comfortably showed an entire ambience of interior architecture to a Brazilianness and historicity. present in a Project that we believe will gain international notoriety.