OSCAR 2023

I love when it comes to OSCAR time, I like the backstage, the race for the nomination, all the behind-the-scenes work in search of the nomination and obviously the Oscar nomination!

This year, in particular, after getting into the ASC – American Society of Cinematographers, we are much better informed, we were honored to receive direct links from NETFLIX, Apple TV and others to watch most of the films before they reach the platforms. At the beginning of February I received an invitation to attend with a VIP reservation to watch the film Empire of Light in London, one of the 5 nominated for the Oscar for Cinematography…unfortunately the distance between Porto Alegre and London is too great!! As a friend of mine says, being “Poor Premium” is not easy!

About the Oscars, you will be able to find out more fully on our Channel in March, there will be two videos where I tell you everything I found about the 5 films:

Elvis – Mandy Walker

Bard – Darius Khondji

Empire of Light – Roger Deakins

Nothing New on the Front – James Friend

Tar – Florian Hoffmeister

I always say that my criteria regarding lighting and photography is that the film has its narrative very well accompanied by lighting as a great help to the story, which is why I believe that Bardo and Império da Luz did not fit together so well.

My heart choice is Tár, because this film translates well a lighting that can be applied in architecture, with great appeal of emotional lighting, accompanying the main character’s day to day.

My technical choice would go with Elvis, I think that the light has ups and downs of intensity, but with a deep accompaniment of the narrative, which I really liked this combination of light/photography + narrative.

The film Nada de Novo no Front is beautiful, incredible lighting, extremely well executed, but due to the repetition of the war theme in the nomination for Director of Photography, I didn’t put my chips, but if it wins, it will be in great hands.

To better understand, watch the videos about OSCAR 2023 on our channel, they will be released in 2 parts, as the explanation goes deeper, unmissable!



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