Monument to Black Culture

The first time I saw the Monument to Black Culture, I thought it was too simple, just an “atabaque”, a percussion instrument.

This instrument I know well, because for some years I practiced capoeira, where I was introduced to the world of capoeira, by my friend and brother that life gave me, Mestre de Capoeira Fabinho, or Journalist and Chef Fábio Camargo, like many know.
However, seeing the aberrations around racism without any justification, especially in a country like Brazil, a country so multiple, so exempt from a national identity, we receive immigrants from so many countries, we are so mixed, and so multicultural that only the lack of culture and education explains such absurdity, in addition to personal insecurity, of emotionally weak people.
That’s why I consider this monument of fundamental importance! It is one of those cases where the importance goes far beyond the aesthetic aspect and the architectural aspect.
At this time, I am very proud of helping to maintain Culture in a broad sense.


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