Meyssan Seddigh & Lighting Atelier

I've been following Meyssan's profile on instagram for a while now, a genius in architectural design, with ten books published on the subject.

This Turkish Architect, who has an enviable curriculum worldwide, accepted to do some work in partnership with Atelier de Iluminação.
Soon you will be able to see some of our works that will come to life in the traits of this brilliant architect.

The first drawing made was not a project of ours, but a revisited one of my uncle Paulo Becker’s work, which you must have followed something on instagram, who painted my great-grandparents’ house in Berlin, Germany, this watercolor that will be restored soon, in the hands of the also brilliant Cláudio Leindecker.

The second work was to give life to the Conceptualization of a building that we are working on for Roque Chies, ÁTTIMO, which in a few years will be delivered to its residents and the city.


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