57 Historical Heritage OF CURITIBA

The Lighting Atelier together with an International team of Architects and Designers has been standing out strongly in the International scenario in the Historic Heritage Highlight Lighting sector.

We are at the forefront of many Heritage Projects in many states:

a) Vila Aymore – RJ – Casa Cor 2015 where we illuminated all spaces, including the facades;

b) Fasano Salvador – BA – A reference hotel in Brazil today, mentioned in TIME magazine as one of the best places in the world to be;

c) 55 Cultural Assets of Porto Alegre, the largest Historical Heritage Lighting Project in the World, until then!

d) 17 Cultural Assets of Uberlândia – MG – under implementation, we received numerous photos, soon some here on the site;

e) Ilumina Içara – SC – In the budgeting and lighting implementation phase in this beautiful city

The fact that I am an Architect and represent the Sociedade de Engenharia do RS, an entity that is almost 100 years old, in the Municipal Council of Historic, Cultural and Artistic Heritage of Porto Alegre gives me a special look at this topic, in a broad sense, the fact that having completed more than 1,500 Lighting Projects, at least a hundred of which are part of the Historical Heritage, makes us certain that we will do a wonderful job in Curitiba, which today is the new record for Lighting of Historic Heritage in the World.


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