Agridoce Cozinha (Bittersty Kitchen), a project by the award-winning architect Gabriela Ordahy, has been one of the most talked about spaces at Casa Cor RS 2021.

And it couldn’t be different, Gabriela was already accumulating sustainability awards in her career, in this resumption of life, in this historic moment that we all live, she tried for her knowledge, good taste and talent, combining the new emotions sought by this new life that approaches, in this retake. A simpler life, with a strong connection with our roots, nature was brought into the kitchen.

Green walls, spice garden, everything with irrigation and even lighting for the growth of vegetation. Art was also present, the art that is so necessary in our daily lives, and to give it a very personal touch, we brought works from our collection, an Antônio Soriano, with his beautiful theme of a green field, in our pampa , and a little house! Simplicity back in our lives! And on the other hand, an original drawing by Salvador Dali, which represents a lot of what I think about the event Casa Cor, a great architectural biennial, in many things seems surreal, like his paintings and drawings.

In this project, we work with lighting in a way that integrates with biophilic thinking, from green wall lighting, which is a special piece that stimulates plant growth, developed by LUXION Lighting, to large GAIA luminaires, from the renowned SELET store, that resemble huge cocoons or even clay pots, the ambient light due to the iconic PICCO pieces by INTERLIGHT, a lamp by the renowned André Ferri and his wooden lamp, called TIRANTE, donated by the wonderful store Casa de Alessa and finally , the WINDOW luminaire, which I designed especially to light Salvador Dali, kindly developed by ALLOY Lighting, our oldest lighting partner.

Photographer: Yuri Panichi